2018-2019 Terms and Conditions



Bookings are accepted up to 18 months in advance through our on-line booking form on our website, and confirmed though payment of a deposit. Verbal bookings are held for 7 days pending receipt of your online booking form and deposit payment.

Following receipt of your completed online booking form, an invoice for the full booking amount is issued to you. The only payment required at this time, is the booking deposit. The deposit is non refundable after the normal cooling off period under Australian Consumer Law.

Final payment of your invoice should be made no later than one month prior to the function date, but may be paid earlier by instalments.

For bookings for whole venue, a comprehensive list of wedding suppliers including caterers, photographers, transport, accommodation and more is provided following receipt of your deposit.

There is no written contract for you to sign. There is no requirement to engage a wedding or function planner. You may invite your own celebrant or minister to officiate. You engage your own catering, or supply your own food and supply your own beverages.


Property Bond:

Furniture in the church and artworks in our venue are not to be moved without our consent. Our professional sound system is operated by our personnel only, and not by others under any circumstances. A cord free microphone is provided in the church for use by visiting celebrants.

A property bond of $1,000 applies to all bookings and may be secured through a credit card imprint prior to function. The credit card will only be accessed if there is damage to the property or church grounds.


Transport &Parking                                                                                                

When alcohol is served, it is suggested that you book bus transport to and from the venue. Off street parking is provided for buses and a limited number of cars. For safety reasons, we prefer that no vehicles be parked on roadside after sunset. It is suggested that onsite parking vouchers be issued with your invitation to those guests who will need to bring their car, and, bus ride tickets with pick up details to all other guests.



In accordance with noise legislations of NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), private functions will conclude by midnight on a Friday, Saturday (or a Sunday or a weekday where a public holiday occurs the following day). On other nights function should cease at 10.00 p.m.

Setting up of the venue for a function is your responsibility and we will provide assistance.

Our venue will open at 10 am the day prior to your function for setting up. Depending on the size of your function, we provide one or two staff members to assist you. You need to provide a small team of family/friends to set up the tables and any decorations. Any decorations added to the church must be removed the same day as the service. Any decorations brought into the venue must be removed by midday the following business day.

We include use of our table linen (including white damask table cloths, linen napkins), porcelain china plates, cutlery including salad servers, glassware and more. We do not permit candles on our table cloths and suggest the use of battery operated tea lights where candlelight is required. When floral decorations are to be placed directly onto the table linen, please provide a table runner to protect our white table cloths. Laundering of our table linen is done by us.

The refrigeration will be operating the day prior to your function ready for the delivery of beverages and other items such as wedding cake. Freezer will be running for delivery of party ice which is required for stocking beverages in the bar esky and ice buckets.

Floral decorations are supplied by you.

Two days prior to your function our venue is professionally cleaned and the gardens and lawns trimmed.

Access for caterers and decorators:                        

We do not take any responsibility for any items hired by you, nor do we provide personnel or open our venue especially, to take delivery of items ordered by you.

Access is available from 10 am the day of set up to allow caterers, wedding planners or decorators to deliver beverages, food, equipment and decorations.

Collection of equipment and other items will be required by midday on the next business day following the function. You may need to make arrangements for a family member or friend to be on site for collection of any items.

Changes of Date:

Changes of date are permitted subject to availability, and may only be requested by the booking applicant. Should you need to change your wedding date, we will do our best to oblige.



Cancellations are accepted only by the booking applicant, and must be in writing.

The booking deposit of $550 is non refundable. The balance of any fees already paid on your invoice (not including the booking deposit) will be refunded less 10% for our administrative costs.

In situations of exceptional circumstances please contact us. Exceptional circumstances do not include changing your mind about our venue, nor do they include one party deciding not to proceed with the marriage, or the function booked.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without notice.

Dated 5th February 2018